Conference topics

Abstracts and papers may be submitted under the following topics.

01- Technologies for inspection and monitoring of buildings performance and pathologies

Under this topic, authors should address questions on technologies and procedures for monitoring historic buildings behavior, including structural performance, indoor environmental quality, as well building pathologies such as materials ageing, water damages, biotic attacks, among others.

02- Seismic behaviour of historic buildings

Under this topic, submitted papers should focus on the problem seismic actions, including the discussion of solutions and measures to improve historic buildings behaviour.

03- Preservation and rehabilitation of historic centres

Under this topic, author are invited to submit papers related to historic centres preservation anda rehabilitation, focusing the problem of urban references, urban fabric as also the interaction with inhabitants and visitors.

04- Preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings and structures

Examples of preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings are suggested to be submitted under this topic. These case studies may cover from the conservation procedures to examples of renovation of existing structures for new uses, including additions of new architectural elements.

05- Authenticity and built heritage

Authenticity aspects of preservation and rehabilitation highlight historic significance and cultural references as fundamental questions to keep a community identity, by sharing its legacy through future generations.

06- Inclusivity principles applied to historic sites and buildings

Inhabitants and visitors with special needs are to be addressed carefully when historic sites and buildings are the case. This issue raises both theoretical approaches and practical solutions in order to allow daily tasks as also to allow rich and fulfilled experiences. In this topic innovative and proved approaches will be thoroughly discussed. 

08- Sustainability principles and practices in the rehabilitation of historic buildings and structures

Under this topic, papers should present solutions for the improvement of historic buildings performance in order to meet more efficient solutions for thermal, acoustic and ventilation systems, including integration of passive solutions and new sustainable technologies such as PV panels.

09- Special Chapter: Risk analysis, disaster prevention and post-disaster mitigation in historic centres

Earthen buldings represents an ancient construction system that have specific aspects to be dealt with regarding their conservation. This kind of buildings are usually located in low income regions and therefore affordable solutions and the community involvement are aspects to be considered towards the preservation of these ancient construction techniques.